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We protect the things we love the most. Break-ins and fire are more common than you think and without a state-of-the-art security system in place, you could face devastating effects should an emergency occur.

At SleepWell Security we know how unsettling it can be to not feel safe in your own home. “We Keep Watch … You SleepWell,” is not just a motto; it is a pledge that we take seriously. We want you and your loved ones to feel secure.

Besides your family, your belongings need protecting too. While we know that items can always be replaced, there are certain items that are not replaceable such as priceless heirlooms, family albums or even your children’s report cards. We don’t always think that it will happen to us, but theft, fires and floods do happen.

What if you could have been warned? What if it could have been deterred before you ever have to say, “I can’t believe it happened to me.”?

Crime happens in cities, towns and rural areas all across the country. We have professionals that can install systems in many areas from coast to coast in Canada.

SleepWell Security uses authorized ADT dealers that are located across Canada and in your local area. We work with the best monitoring provider in the country and the best group of authorized installers to ensure that you, your family and your valuables remain safe at all times. Our staff has over 15+ years in the security and protection business and with ADT’s over 140-year career as Canada’s most trusted security system provider, we’ve created the perfect team.

What we do: Protect your valuables

The Security Professionals at SleepWell Security are well equipped to advise and recommend the best security and/or home automation package at the right budget for you and your family. We will guide you through every step of the process and answer all your questions.

Why we do it: Personal, business and senior safety

Break-ins, emergencies and other unforeseen events occur without notice. SleepWell Security wants to protect you whether you are looking to arm your home with state-of-the-art monitoring, ensure your business has the best smoke alarms and gas leak detectors, or simply want to know that an elderly loved one is safe as they live alone well into their golden years.

Why you need it: Protection is important

With the perfect ADT system in place, you are protecting your home against vandals, burglars and even fire. Additionally, these security systems allow you to control your thermostat and lighting to ensure that each room in your home is using just the right amount of energy. If you are concerned about the environment and maintaining a green household, the temperature control function offers an ideal way to reduce your carbon footprint.

Why Should You Trust ADT?

We use ADT because they are simply the most trusted name in residential and commercial security in the industry. ADT has been providing security for over 140 years. While many new security companies have come and gone; ADT has been there providing seamless security monitoring. Their motto, ‘Always There,’ is something you can trust. Most Fortune 500 companies use ADT because of the reliability of the service provided. If it’s good enough for the banks to use than you know it’s good enough for you, too.

The Best Monitoring in the Industry now for as Little as $21.95 per month

The SleepWell Security systems we provide our customers do not take breaks. ADT’s Integrated State-of-the-Art Monitoring Centres make sure you are continuously and seamlessly monitored 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

Many competing security companies use third party monitoring services or only have one monitoring centre. Why is this important to you? In the event of a natural disaster or a major power outage, our systems will continue to be monitored because if one hub goes down, your monitoring is transferred to one of our back-up monitoring hubs. Most of our competitors cannot make this promise because they don’t have the infrastructure. Uninterrupted monitoring is the real reason why the banks use ADT.

Protect Everything

SleepWell Security offers systems and services that are designed specifically for your and your family’s unique needs. Our packages can be tailored to different types of dwellings or businesses you may own and can even be customized so you can personally monitor your children or your elderly parents through home automation and personal distress devices. You can also have police, ambulance or fire dispatched at the push of a button or through two-way voice services. It’s even possible to have independent secured zones on a single property.

Secure the following:

  • Residential Home including detached garages, workshops and other buildings on your property
  • Vacation Properties
  • Cottages and Boat Houses
  • Condos
  • Apartments and In-Home Suites
  • In-Home Businesses
  • Small or Large Commercial Buildings

Intruder Protection is a Necessity

If protected by our engaged security system and a break-in occurs, our service is designed to respond in various ways. Firstly, a siren is engaged, which often has an intruder turn around and leave before spending any time in your home. Additionally, with two-way voice service, a live person begins to speak to an intruder, which creates another reason for the intruder to immediately leave your premises. The police are also dispatched to your home to respond to the alarm call.

One of the added benefits of having your home secured and monitored is that you receive a set of window decals and a yard sign. The blue ADT Stop Sign is easily recognized by potential intruders. One of the best results is that your ADT Security System may never be triggered. It is a fact that criminals are less likely to intrude when they know you are protected.

Sometimes, prevention is the best and only medicine.

Don’t neglect fire safety

Some alarm and protection companies let fire safety fall by the wayside. This is ill advised because unfortunately, fires start when you least expect them to. A burner can be left on, a cigarette improperly put out, a candle forgotten about before bed – there are many ways that a fire can start in your home and we want to ensure that you are safe should something happen.

Our systems can be equipped with a 3 in 1 smoke detector (heat, fire and smoke) and carbon monoxide detection that will let you know if something is amiss, and will also dispatch the fire department for you if you are trapped. We are here for your protection against theft, fire and even a gas leak.

Take control of your security system

One of the main factors that allows us to work in tandem with ADT is the ease-of-use their systems offer. Our staff knows the ins and outs of how each of their products work and we pass this knowledge onto you. ADT’s automated systems can be controlled from your smartphone allowing you to arm, disarm and take charge of how your home is protected. You can set timers and light dimmers, and control temperature without being home.

Contact us so we can protect your loved ones, your valuables and your life. At SleepWell Security, we keep watch…you sleep well.

SleepWell Security offers residential home security systems, business protection systems and even senior healthline systems. We will keep a 24/7 watchful eye on your valuables giving you peace of mind and the most secured household yet.


24 Hour Alarm Monitoring

Staying connected to your home is easy with SleepWell Security. Our monitoring packages are created specifically to suit each individual’s need. Whether you operate a small business, want to ensure an elderly loved one is protected or are looking for residential home monitoring, we have the advanced security system for you.


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