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Home Automation Systems

At SleepWell Security, we value peace of mind. We are your eyes and ears so you can rest easy in your home knowing that you are safe and sound.

With SleepWell, you get a secure system that can be controlled from almost anywhere with the name recognition and trust that comes with the ADT brand. We also provide our clients with systems from other trusted security companies such as Honeywell and DSC.

The remote security systems we promote empower you to control your home’s protection. You can arm and disarm the system from your smartphone without even being at home. The system is customizable, easy to use and cost-effective. SleepWell gives you the the security you need at your own convenience. This system protects you against home invasions, fire and gas leaks.

Keyless entry for a safer entrance

With home automation services you don’t have to worry about keys because one of the very important facets of theses systems are their door locks.

With keyless entry, you don’t have to hide an extra key under the mat or worry about how the housekeeper or babysitter will get into your home. With remote keyless entry, you can unlock your door with a standard doorknob keypad or directly from your smartphone. You choose your code and ensure that you only give it out to the necessary parties that need entry to the house, providing a safe and secure environment.

Keyless entry also offers an extra level of security if you have children who let themselves in after school while you are at work. You don’t have to worry if they’ve forgotten their key and you can check to see that they’ve come in safely through video links and notifications sent directly to your smartphone.


Connect on the Go

SleepWell Security understands the importance of staying connected to your home even when you’re not there.

Our busy schedules don’t always allow us a minute or two to adjust temperatures or set timers on our lights. With these home systems you have advanced technology at your fingertips, thanks to the remote security feature. The home automation packages SleepWell provides give you the options to arm or disarm your system from a main keypad located in your home, or from your smartphone or tablet.

With a wireless connection, you can change the temperature in your living room from your office. You can be visiting your in-laws for the weekend and decide you want certain lights to go on at different times to give the illusion that you’re home. With these home automation systems, this is never a problem. Remote connectivity gives you the freedom to manage your home’s protection from anywhere at any time.

Home Security for Active Seniors

For many of us, our elderly relatives want to remain at home as long as possible. With a security system in place, you can create the perfect protection package for your loved one.

You can receive texts, emails and notifications that let you know that your elderly relative is safe in their home. In the case of an emergency such as a fall or other impasse that leaves your loved one incapacitated, you’ll be notified right away as the proper services (ambulance, fire protection or other) are dispatched.

What are the benefits of an ADT Home System?

The reason we at SleepWell Security trust the ADT name is not just for their 140+ years in the business or the fact that they are one of Canada’s top security companies; we trust them because we know their products work. ADT’s home automation systems offer numerous benefits to homeowners, business owners and even senior citizens who wish to remain in their homes.

With SleepWell and ADT you get:

  • Custom notifications:
    Get real-time notifications (texts, email, video clips) directly to your smartphone letting you know when someone comes and goes at your home or business
  • Security alerts:
    Besides notifications, you will be notified as soon as an emergency occurs such as a break-in, fire, carbon monoxide leak or flooding
  • Remote arm and disarmament:
    Turn your alarm on or off from wherever you are
  • 24/7 security:
    ADT protects you around the clock and their security centres are diamond certified
  • Appliance control:
    Control appliances from your smartphone to ensure that stoves and other mechanisms aren’t accidentally left on
  • Video monitoring:
    See who’s at your front door even when you’re not home with real-time video monitoring on your smartphone, tablet or computer. This feature is also perfect for businesses and storefronts that stay open late
  • Energy efficient:
    Adjust thermostats and lights to save energy and only use the energy you need when you need it

The ADT Advantage

ADT has been in business for over 140 years. They own and operate a nationwide network of monitoring centres that are prepared for any and all emergencies.

Our ADT team is trained specifically to deal with a high-volume of calls and given the proper tools necessary to address each unique situation. Whether it is a fire, flood, gas leak, intruder or even a health issue, ADT’s personnel can handle it. SleepWell Security trusts ADT and you should too. ADT provides reliable security systems to Canadians with money-back service guarantee, theft protection guarantee and a relocation discount guarantee.

We will provide you with the ultimate protection package. The home automation systems we provide are perfect for those who need to remain connected to their homes at all times. For more information, contact SleepWell Security and we’ll set you up with the right system to suit your needs.


24 Hour Alarm Monitoring

Staying connected to your home is easy with SleepWell Security. Our monitoring packages are created specifically to suit each individual’s need. Whether you operate a small business, want to ensure an elderly loved one is protected or are looking for residential home monitoring, we have the advanced security system for you.


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