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14 Jun 2017
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3 Home Security Features That Make It Safer For Your Kids To Be Home Alone


As scary as the thought may be, one day your kids will be old enough to stay home alone after school. When that day comes, you don’t have to spend the last few hours of your workday in constant worry about how your kids are doing. Thanks to security features available today, you can monitor and assist your kids even when you’re away. Of course, the first step is to make sure your kids are old enough and responsible enough to be home alone. Then, consider using these home security features to keep them safe.

Video Monitoring

One feature you’re sure to want is the ability to watch your kids on your tablet or smartphone. With this feature, you’ll be able to watch them enter the door and lock it behind them. You can also have the camera monitor a room where you’ve instructed your kids to spend their time doing homework, snacking, or watching TV so they are in your sight when you check the video from work.

This gives you immense peace of mind everything is okay and it helps your kids feel safer too knowing you are watching out for them. It also keeps them on track with homework since they know they’re being monitored. Monitoring also ensures other kids aren’t invited over if you forbid it. Being able to watch your kids in real time might even cut down on fighting since your kids know they won’t get away with anything unseen.

In addition to remote video monitoring, you might be able to receive photos by text when someone on the outside triggers a motion detector alarm. This saves you from having to keep your eyes glued to your smartphone. When movement is detected, you’ll be notified right away so you can see what caused it.

Home Automation

The ability to control some security features from a remote distance is helpful too. This allows you to lock doors, activate the security alarm, turn on lights, and turn off appliances so you know your kids are locked in and safe.

You can even unlock your front door remotely if one of your kids can’t find a key to the house. All they have to do is call or text you and you can open the door for them right away. There’s no worry about your kids being stranded outside on a cold day.

Remote home automation allows you to turn up the heat before your kids get home so you can save energy while the house is empty, but have the place comfortable by the time the kids get inside.

Remote Alerts

Remote alerts allow you to monitor the safety of your home. If a smoke detector or carbon monoxide alarm goes off, you will be notified immediately. You might also have alarms on the doors and windows, which will notify you if one of your kids tries to sneak out to meet with friends.

A remote alert can even warn you when someone knocks on the door. This allows you to answer the door remotely so the stranger thinks you’re inside the house with your kids.

You might want to install an alarm on a room door, such as the master bedroom where the kids are to be off-limits. Then, you won’t have to worry about curious kids getting into medications or the gun safe.

Home security has come a long way thanks to innovations in technology. You no longer have to rely on simple alarms when things go wrong. Now you can access and control your home remotely, so your kids are safer and you can worry less.

In addition, when you choose a home security monitoring system, you’ll have additional eyes on your home 24 hours a day so your entire family and your possessions are protected.

To better protect your family from intruders and disasters, and to keep your kids safe when they’re home alone, contact SleepWell to install a high-tech security system in your home.


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