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21 Jul 2017
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Home Security Systems and Your Elderly Parent Living Alone

When you are a concerned child that is very involved in your elderly parent’s safety and well-being, you may find yourself fretting and worrying quite a bit about your parent’s living situation, particularly if they live in a house alone. While you want to respect their desire to remain independent in their own home, your priority is also to keep them as safe and secure as possible.

Rather than constantly argue with your parent in an attempt to move them out of their house, it may be a good idea to consider the benefits that various home security options can offer your parent in their home. Most elderly adults living alone are more likely to be amenable to suggestions of improved home security than they are to the prospect of moving or bringing in caregivers.

There are many different types of home security systems and home automation options that can be of use to your parent in their home. This blog will help you understand the various options and the benefits they can provide you and your elderly parent, which will ensure that you choose the right system for your parent’s home.

Basic Door and Window Security Systems and Alarms

The most basic security system option available to your parent is still a system that is highly effective. Door and window alarms that are connected to a security system which contacts the security company when the alarms are triggered are simple to operate and install, and they are still excellent deterrents against intruders.

With such a system, the only step your parent will need to take is to remember to set the alarm when they go to bed or leave the house and disarm it when they are ready to leave the house and come home. This is a simple process for your parent, as they can set the alarm code to a sequence they will remember easily, and you will have peace of mind knowing that they are safer in their home.

Security Cameras for Added Safety

If you are concerned about your parent falling victim to door-to-door scams or fear that they may fall or have a health crisis in their home when they are there alone, then you may want to encourage them to have security cameras installed for added safety. Security cameras can be installed to cover both exterior and interior spaces and can be integrated into your parent’s alarm system or kept separate.

One of the best things about the security cameras is that they can help both you and your parent have peace of mind. If they are concerned about noises they hear around the house, they can check the security camera live feed or recordings to check. And if you cannot be there to check in on your parent in person, you could also check the security camera feeds.

Given that your parent agrees, you could use a smartphone app to keep track of the security cameras and even view the live feed as needed to ensure your parent is not in any distress. Your parent may feel better knowing family is looking out for them, and you will feel better being able to do so.

Keyless Door Entry

Some elderly people are more tech savvy than others. If your parent is one of those older adults that are better with technology, you may want to increase their security even further with a keyless door entry security system.

Keyless entry utilizes a keypad to unlock sturdy door locks on the main entrances to a home. These systems can also use biometric identification, such as fingerprint scanners to ensure that only authorized people enter the home. Guest codes can be added as well if your siblings or other family members are coming to visit your parent for a certain amount of time.

With these options in mind, you can be sure that you are doing everything that you can for your parent’s security and safety in their home.


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