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23 May 2017
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Do You Need a Home Security System If You Have a Dog?


Many people believe that if they have a dog, they don’t need a security system. In most cases, this assumption is simply not true, and your security system may even end up benefiting your dog. To help you make the right decision about your family’s home security, here are some facts to consider.

1. Dogs Can Be Valuable Property

If you have a dog, he probably barks when someone strange approaches the home, but what happens when that individual throws the dog a nice juicy steak? Many friendly family dogs will warm up to that person, even if they’ve just meet them.

That situation opens your home to risk of robbery, but it can also make your pet prone to being stolen. Thieves frequently take and steal small, valuable dogs such as Yorkshire Terriers, Pomeranians, and Maltese, but they also take trendy breeds such as Boston Terriers and French Bulldogs. Finally, Pit Bulls and German Shepherds are often taken and sold to dog fighting rings.

On the other hand, no one can bribe a security alarm with a snack. If someone is in your home without permission, the alarm will ring and alert the authorities.

2. Dogs Can Be Vulnerable

In other cases, thieves may want to focus on your possessions, and if your dog is in the way, they may use poison or other deterrents. Some nefarious individuals have even poisoned dogs just for the thrill of it. A well secured home, security cameras in the yard, and similar measures can all help reduce this threat.

3. Dogs Can’t Call the Fire Department

There are a few service dogs that can call 911 for their owners, but aside from those well trained heroes, most dogs cannot use the phone. What happens if a fire starts and you are not at home? Sadly, if there’s no doggy door, the dog may be stuck in the house, and by the time the neighbors notice the flames and call for help, it may be too late.

In contrast, many basic security systems have fire alarms built in. These advanced detectors sense heat as well as flames, and because of that, they detect fires while they are still smoldering in the couch or the curtains, before the flames start jumping around.

In this scenario, the alarm system alerts the monitoring center, the monitoring personnel send the firefighters, and the firefighters bring your dogs to safety.

4. Dogs Usually Don’t Stay Home When You Go on Vacation

Several of the above scenarios look at what happens when you are gone at school or work and your dog is home alone. However, when you go on vacation or business trips, you probably board your dog at a kennel.

During these time periods, the dog isn’t home to guard your home, and a security system can be essential. Thieves often target homes when they suspect the residents are on vacation—overflowing mail boxes and social media posts about the trip are clues that the house will be unoccupied.

Thieves know that it’s easier to get away with crime if both you and the dogs are gone, but you can thwart their attempts with a security system.

5. Home Security Systems Save More Money on Home Insurance

In most cases, when you install a home security system, your home insurance policy will give you a discount. However, insurers tend to increase premiums for homeowners with certain breeds of dogs—in a lot of cases, that list overlaps with the list of dogs considered to be guard dogs.

Note that pricing varies from company to company, so always contact your insurer to find out details. Simply put, a home security system usually helps you save more money on home insurance than owning a dog.

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