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Home Safety and Security Tips

Your home is your sanctuary. It’s a place where you raise your family, rest your head, and store your valuables.

Unfortunately, criminals thrive in nearly every area of North America, and it’s impossible to know if you and your family will be their next target. Are you prepared for a home invasion?

Canadian crime statistics

Although Canada is generally a safe place to live, we do experience crime. We are not immune to burglary and in fact, a residential break-in occurs every 90 seconds in our country.

You may not know how common crime is in Canada, so here are some statistics that may shock you:

  • More than 80% of break-ins happen during the day, specifically during 10am and 3pm when most people are at work.
  • The majority of burglars enter your home through the basement, ground floor window or front door.
  • 35% of victims of home invasions receive serious injuries when they try to confront the burglar.
  • According to Stats Can, there are over 289,200 property related crimes (home invasions, theft) per year.

After reading these stats, you may think it’s extraordinarily difficult to protect your home from an intruder. However, with SleepWell Security’s line of monitoring products, your family and home will be fully protected against the criminals. Whether you’re at home or away, SleepWell has protection put in place to scare off criminals before they become a threat to you and your loved ones.

Secure your property with a state-of-the-art system

SleepWell Security provides only the best alarm systems because we understand just how important safety is. The monitoring systems that we sell offer proven protection against break-ins, fire, smoke, gas leaks and other emergencies. The security packages we provide allow you to control how you protect your home, and you can receive real-time notifications (texts, videos) directly to your smartphone.

How to protect your property when you’re not home

Before high-end security systems came into being, a majority of homeowners would attempt to make it look as though someone was home when they weren’t by leaving lights on and telling a neighbour they would be out of town. You may have arranged for that neighbour or a family member to check on your house and collect your mail. Before state-of-the-art security systems, burglars were able to assess vulnerabilities in your home simply by looking at your property.

Nowadays, if you have an advanced security system in place, you don’t need to worry about vulnerabilities because you won’t have any. Whether you’re going on vacation or simply going to work for the day, you can protect your property when you’re not home by:

  • Closing blinds to ensure that no one can see into your home.
  • Programming your system to have lights turn on at certain times. If you forget to do it before you leave, you can even do it from your smartphone.

What to do in the event of a break-in

A break-in can be a very traumatic experience. If your home is armed with one of our advanced protection systems, the burglar will be deterred and run off as soon as the alarm sounds.

The most important thing to do during a break-in is to avoid being a hero. Injuries occur during home invasions when criminals feel threatened. Most of the time they just want to steal your valuables and get out.

If you’re home during a break-in you should:

  • Ditch your valuables and only concern yourself with your family’s safety – you can get a new TV but you can’t get a new family
  • Round up your children as fast as possible and exit the premises
  • Avoid confronting the burglar or block the exit on your way out, this could lead to injuries
  • Wait for the police – who have been called by your system provider as soon as your alarm was triggered – at your neighbour’s or on the edge of your front lawn

Do not under any circumstances go back into the house until the police have cleared the premises.

Cottage care

Before you get into the car and drive off when the summer’s over, make sure you’ve taken the following security measures:

  • Turn off water and power
  • Ensure all windows are shut and locked, if possible
  • Take out any remaining garbage so as to avoid attracting animals
  • Make sure your security system is armed before you leave – if you forget, you can arm your system from anywhere

If you plan on having renters in the off-season, our systems make it easier to ensure the people renting your cottage are safe too. You don’t even have to give them the security code to your property; you simply have to press a button on your smartphone to open the door and disarm the system.

Security dont’s: What not to do

With an advanced alarm system in place, you are protected against everything from burglary to fire. However, there are things you shouldn’t do even with your home under constant monitored protection.

For example:

  • Don’t have your family name on your mailbox or door – It’s very easy for a criminal to google your information after seeing a prominently displayed nameplate next to your address then call to see if you’re in the house.
  • Don’t leave notes on your front or back doors with delivery instructions – Signs like, “Out for 15 minutes, leave package on steps,” are large green lights for burglars to enter your home, knowing you’re away.
  • Don’t leave spare keys anywhere – With ADT’s automated door locks with keypads, you’ll never have to leave a key under the mat again because you’ll be able to lock and unlock your door through keyless entry.
  • Lock your doors at all times – Even if you are just going to do some gardening, ensure that both your front and back doors are locked.
  • Secure your sliding doors – Patio doors need to be secured too and your SleepWell Security expert will explain how to do this with door contacts, motion detectors, cameras, etc.

To keep your family safe at all times, contact our team. SleepWell Security offers protection packages that give you peace of mind at a low-cost.


24 Hour Alarm Monitoring

Staying connected to your home is easy with SleepWell Security. Our monitoring packages are created specifically to suit each individual’s need. Whether you operate a small business, want to ensure an elderly loved one is protected or are looking for residential home monitoring, we have the advanced security system for you.


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