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Types of Security Systems

Commercial Alarms

Whether you run a small, medium, or large business, personnel safety and asset protection are key elements of your business plan. Our commercial alarm systems are designed to deliver high quality business security services, fast response, and loss prevention solutions.


Residential Alarms

There is no greater priority than protecting your family and home from potential threats of intrusion, theft, vandalism, violence, and more. Our residential alarm systems aim to reduce your home’s exposure to crime, disrupt crime in progress, help apprehend burglars, and more importantly, allow you to monitor your family and property anytime, anywhere.



24 Hour Alarm Monitoring

Staying connected to your home is easy with SleepWell Security. Our monitoring packages are created specifically to suit each individual’s need. Whether you operate a small business, want to ensure an elderly loved one is protected or are looking for residential home monitoring, we have the advanced security system for you.


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Posted by | On 21st July 2017

Home Security Systems and Your Elderly Parent Living Alone

When you are a concerned child that is very involved in your elderly parent's safety and well-being, you may find yourself fretting and worrying quite a bit about your parent's living situation, particularly if they live in a house alone. Read More

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